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Music Review Post – Clue to Kalo, Joanna Newsom, Suicide Sheep, 9 Lazy 9, Danish ambient

“He gazed at everything in weary apathy, like a lost soul. All his desires were gone forever; he wished to go nowhere, and to do nothing.” – David Lindsay, excerpt from A Voyage To Arcturus

Once you die, your desires are gone forever.  All the music you bought, or listened to, either you can listen to it in the afterlife or you can’t, but there was no point buying it or writing down it’s name if you were hoping to hold on to it forever and ever.  That’s the nature of possessions, and as Jesus said (I think), it’s better to build your kingdom in Heaven.

But when I discovered I was addicted to the new single by Australian artist Clue To Kalo, I had to buy it as a Bandcamp digital purchase in an attempt to secure it in my life.  I haven’t yet gone so far as to buy the 7″ vinyl though, for several reasons, including that the postage from Australia to the UK would be expensive.

Said The Sky & Origami – Affection (feat. Jack Newsome)

It’s not the only track that I adore at the moment though (and if you listen to a good piece of music too much, it loses its appeal, doesn’t it?  But we sometimes have long periods when all music bores us, don’t we?).  I have also enjoyed this YouTube track (audio only, no video).  The singer, who must be Jack Newsome, has a great voice, sweet but not annoying.  I like to imagine he’s related to Joanna Newsom, the Americana folk harpist, but I think they spell their names differently.  Speaking of whom, why not listen to her song, Sadie?  Such a nice tune, it’s been really stuck in my head for years and it pops up out of the blue from time to time, a welcome gift from providence.

Joanna Newsom, credit to photographer

That folky harp singing has put me in the mood for Astoria by Manual, the best track on the Dane’s Ascend album.  It’s not as good an album as Until Tomorrow, which I’m not going to listen to right now, but the new WordPress editor makes it super-easy to add links, so I’ve added a link to the album.  I once played that album at maximum volume on a motorway journey with my best friend trying to sleep in the back, he was hungover.  I had gone the night without sleep.  I think I stole someone’s tobacco that night, so I’m sorry to that person, I hope you forgive me, I ran out – I didn’t steal all of it, just what I used.  I don’t know who it belonged to.  I also played a Call Of Duty or Medal Of Honor game or something and the speaker was somehow in another room and it surely woke them up until I realised.

When I was a teenager I was into Ninja Tune, and 9 Lazy 9 released some really good stuff.  I’m not so familiar with they’re more recent output, other than that they’ve taken new directions within jazz.  So I’m listening to The Devil Drives, and it’s good, but I don’t really understand this modern stuff.  Maybe it’ll take a few listens.

Anyway I need to get on with my life.

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