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Music I’ve been listening to reviews, July 2018

So I thought I’d update my blog as it’s been dormant for over a year now, so I thought I’d go through some music I’ve been listening to.  There’s no theme to what the selections are, it’s just a few various bits and bobs.

The first album I’ll take a look at is:

Martyn – Voids

Album artwork for Voids by Martyn


This one’s a recent one, it came out in summer 2018 on the Ostgut Ton record label from Berlin.  Listening to this, I’m kind of confused about it.  Should I be disappointed?  It’s kind of dubby but also dancey too.  I’ve been playing it in my car, and one or two tracks are really good played loud in the car, for example track 3 Mind Rain and track 4 Nya.  For me, they’re the best two tracks on the album.  I get a bit embarrassed driving around playing it loud because I feel like I’m disturbing people.  But I’ll be honest a lot of the album is kind of dull.  Even the best tracks are dull – but this is probably just because I don’t really like dub techno all that much.  Or maybe my sound systems aren’t very good.  My car has a fairly bad set of speakers to be fair.  Overall a good album.

The CD album artwork is alright, but it’s just a digipak, nothing amazing.


Taylor Deupree – Fallen

Taylor Deupree - Fallen artwork

Another recent album, released on Spekk from Japan.  This is an ambient album, and although it’s a piano album, there’s much more detail in it than just piano, there’s background fuzz and tones and over the course of it’s play time it does have themes and variation.  The album seems to be designed for sleep, because I played it for my lovely partner Magda and she fell asleep listening to it, and I’ve fallen asleep listening to it three times.  It is very delicate music and very pretty and perhaps beautiful.  I recommend it even to non-ambient fans, but be warned that it’s a very quiet and peaceful album.  I don’t think it would work for listening in the car (and certainly not for the dancefloor) but I might try it in the car one day.

The cardboard packaging is nice, the artwork is lovely but you don’t get a pamphlet or anything.  It’s not a digipak, it’s a weird cardboard thing, do all Japanese CDs come like this I wonder?  See below:

Fallen packaging


Shock – Dă Muzica Mai Tare

Dă Muzica Mai Tare by Shock

This one’s Romanian pop, from the year 2006 I think.  It’s along the lines of Barbie Girl.  I’ve always liked Europop and Eurodance.  The musicianship is quite good on this album.  It might be hard to find but it’s available on Google Play Music, I’m not sure about Spotify or Deezer etc because I don’t have them.  So why is a 34 year old man listening to teenybop pop in a foreign language?  I genuinely like this music.  The first three or four tracks are the best, and initially the remainder of the album seems like filler, but actually the whole album is fairly good after repeat listens.

I don’t know what the CD packaging is like because I don’t own the CD, I just listen to it online.  There’s a grainy video of one of the songs on Youtube somewhere.  I’ll put a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMIaqqtxGbc .  Actually I’m not entirely sure that that song is on the album, but I think it’s the same group.


I’m going to leave it there because I’m raving on the Shock album on my headphones at 03:15.  Please leave comments!  Did you enjoy the music?  What have you been listening to recently, good or bad?

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