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Music I’ve been listening to reviews, July 2018

So I thought I’d update my blog as it’s been dormant for over a year now, so I thought I’d go through some music I’ve been listening to.  There’s no theme to what the selections are, it’s just a few various bits and bobs.

The first album I’ll take a look at is:

Martyn – Voids

Album artwork for Voids by Martyn


This one’s a recent one, it came out in summer 2018 on the Ostgut Ton record label from Berlin.  Listening to this, I’m kind of confused about it.  Should I be disappointed?  It’s kind of dubby but also dancey too.  I’ve been playing it in my car, and one or two tracks are really good played loud in the car, for example track 3 Mind Rain and track 4 Nya.  For me, they’re the best two tracks on the album.  I get a bit embarrassed driving around playing it loud because I feel like I’m disturbing people.  But I’ll be honest a lot of the album is kind of dull.  Even the best tracks are dull – but this is probably just because I don’t really like dub techno all that much.  Or maybe my sound systems aren’t very good.  My car has a fairly bad set of speakers to be fair.  Overall a good album.

The CD album artwork is alright, but it’s just a digipak, nothing amazing.


Taylor Deupree – Fallen

Taylor Deupree - Fallen artwork

Another recent album, released on Spekk from Japan.  This is an ambient album, and although it’s a piano album, there’s much more detail in it than just piano, there’s background fuzz and tones and over the course of it’s play time it does have themes and variation.  The album seems to be designed for sleep, because I played it for my lovely partner Magda and she fell asleep listening to it, and I’ve fallen asleep listening to it three times.  It is very delicate music and very pretty and perhaps beautiful.  I recommend it even to non-ambient fans, but be warned that it’s a very quiet and peaceful album.  I don’t think it would work for listening in the car (and certainly not for the dancefloor) but I might try it in the car one day.

The cardboard packaging is nice, the artwork is lovely but you don’t get a pamphlet or anything.  It’s not a digipak, it’s a weird cardboard thing, do all Japanese CDs come like this I wonder?  See below:

Fallen packaging


Shock – Dă Muzica Mai Tare

Dă Muzica Mai Tare by Shock

This one’s Romanian pop, from the year 2006 I think.  It’s along the lines of Barbie Girl.  I’ve always liked Europop and Eurodance.  The musicianship is quite good on this album.  It might be hard to find but it’s available on Google Play Music, I’m not sure about Spotify or Deezer etc because I don’t have them.  So why is a 34 year old man listening to teenybop pop in a foreign language?  I genuinely like this music.  The first three or four tracks are the best, and initially the remainder of the album seems like filler, but actually the whole album is fairly good after repeat listens.

I don’t know what the CD packaging is like because I don’t own the CD, I just listen to it online.  There’s a grainy video of one of the songs on Youtube somewhere.  I’ll put a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMIaqqtxGbc .  Actually I’m not entirely sure that that song is on the album, but I think it’s the same group.


I’m going to leave it there because I’m raving on the Shock album on my headphones at 03:15.  Please leave comments!  Did you enjoy the music?  What have you been listening to recently, good or bad?

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  • George Vasilev

    July 23, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    How can i register on this website ?

  • This is quite an interesting selection of music, rather eclectic, haha. I love Eurotrash, too. Have you given a listen to Bis or Miss Kittin and the Hacker? Pretty cool stuff. I’m very keen to listen to the ambient Japanese music, sounds lovely.

  • I really love music. Everyone loves music, it can relax you for a while.

  • I’m not familiar with all of this musicians, but upon reading your review I might as well go ahead and listen to them. Thanks bro.

    • Me neither! Not used to European artists, and also not a fan of ambient music. I rather listen to music with lyrics. However, I feel like I want to give a chance on the first one, apparently it has some dancing music, so I will give it a try.

    • I am also not familiar with the artists mentioned in this article. But I would love to try to listen to their type of music. Music relaxes our soul and gives us peace of mind temporarily. Enjoy the music.

  • adrian francisco

    July 25, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    I am an avid music lover and I have a lot of music playing for the past month. I have this season where the songs I play are usually sad songs and blues. I am a Filipino and recently, my music selection has been dominated by local bands that are rising nowadays. Overall the music is great and here are some songs to share with you:
    1. IV of Spades – Mundo
    2. Ben&Ben – Leaves
    3. December Avenue – Fallin

  • I am basically not familiar with the musicians mentioned in this article however, I would like to try listening to them especially the piano album. I am into mellow and kinda sleepy music because I find them relaxing to the ears. I am always stressed at work and music is my therapy to it.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I love music and enjoy finding new stuff, I haven’t heard any of these artist and look forward to hearing them after reading your review. After I post this I’m heading over to the good old YouTube. Lol

  • I love to travel and i also love to drive specially long drives. For me i enjoy this kind of genres while traveling.

    Hall and Oates -Kiss On My List
    Sticky Fingers – Cyclone
    The Cranberries – Linger

  • I would say there’s not a particular type of music I like, because I love them all. Music is my soul, it sets me free from the craziness surrounding me. The list that’s was listed are some artist I look forward in hearing. To me music is like medicine, and food for the soul.

    • Good to hear that. Music is music. Although some songs from the countries that we dont understand their language,with music everything is understood.

  • Good selection of genres to choose from. I don’t have a particular type of music to listen, because I love them all. Music has been therapy for me at times when nothing else would work. It’s food for the soul, and awakens my spirit.

    • That’s true, music can be a healing source for us humans, or even to other living beings. Like you said, music can be very therapeutic. It helps us cope with different emotions that we feel.
      With music, depending on our mode, a certain genre or a particular song can aid us in uplifting our spirit, raising our morale, and certain songs can help us express what we truly feel.
      Sometimes, we can use the lyrics of our song to speak the words we can’t directly say to a person. Some people express their love to that special someone by asking them to listen to a particular song.

  • I love music too. Currently I’ve been listening to indie/alternative music and I highly recommend Billie Eilish, Charlotte Lawrence and Bea Miller.
    Also, I don’t really listen to romanian music but I can say that I really like how Alina Eremia is singing, Smiley (some songs) and Irina Rimes.
    I remember that in the past Dragostea din Tei by O-Zone was playing all day. It was a really nice song too.

  • it seems so interesting music. I don’t really know the artist but they are worth my attention.

  • Oldy but goody. I just remember M2M and Spice Girls after watching that youtube link.

  • I’m a musician in my younger years and i love music. I usually go for rock music just to keep me up. But i also listen to ballad and soft music. Listening to ambient album is really relaxing slows down my thinking and just keep me calm. I don’t recommend it while driving though…

  • I love your taste of music and your genre preference. I also like the way you describe the albums above. I would like to suggest some albums if you don’t mind, most of them are classic heavy metal:

    1. Paranoid by Black Sabbath
    2. House of the Holy by Led Zeppelin
    3. Holy Diver by Dio

  • I haven’t heard of any of these particular bands, but they look interesting. 🙂 This summer I’ve pretty much been listening to Post Malone, Vampire Weekend, Die Antwoord, and lots of older stuff like The Sundays and Nirvana.

  • I used to listen a lot some of Taylor Deupree’s tracks in the past, specially “sea last”. I’ve always loved Ambient music, so it’s cool to get new album recommendations it. Fallen textures and arranges are quite pleasant.

  • I am a music lover myself. R&B is the best for me. Love songs and upbeat dance music are good for me as well.

  • I am a Filipino and personally, during my younger days, I prefer to listen to international songs. As time passes by, I learn to appreciate our own songs, known as Original Pinoy Music (OPM). Recently, there are a lot of great indie bands rising up to the spotlight here in our ocuntry such as:

    IV of Spades
    December Avenue
    Ransom Collective

    Overall, I can say that our music is great and I am proud to be a Filipino. You could search those bands on the internet and listen to their songs. I swear you won’t regret it.

  • Jenniferdainty

    July 29, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    After reading your article, I checked the album Fallen by Taylor Deupree and love it. I must say it is relaxing and could help me whenever my migraine attacks again. I also agree with you in saying that it is designed for sleep.
    I’m not an ambient music fan but during sleepless nights, I love listening to it and some classical music as well. I would definitely listen to this album just in case.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Interesting selection, will give them all a listen.
    Do you use Last.FM? Post your link if you do.

  • You have a high taste when it comes to music. I love what you have selected. I can tell that I was born to love music like you do. I prefer to listen music before and after I awake. It helps me to relax my mind and let it comfort myself. I love music that sooth you and let you asleep.
    The power of songs and the message itself makes you connect to the real meaning of the song.

  • That’s a really good taste of music, even though I am not a fan of all of them, I definitely like Taylor Deupree – Fallen. It brings back so many memories.

  • That’s true, music can be a healing source for us humans, or even to other living beings. Like you said, music can be very therapeutic. It helps us cope with different emotions that we feel.
    With music, depending on our mode, a certain genre or a particular song can aid us in uplifting our spirit, raising our morale, and certain songs can help us express what we truly feel.
    Sometimes, we can use the lyrics of our song to speak the words we can’t directly say to a person. Some people express their love to that special someone by asking them to listen to a particular song.

  • Wow, I like your playlist from techno loud, piano music to Romanian Pop, there’s a variety of songs to listen to in concurrence to the specific mood that we are experiencing all throughout the day. I am curious and would like to research and try “Martyn – Voids”, probably the upbeat techno sounds will keep me awake while working and then at night if I am about to sleep I could check out “Taylor Deupree – Fallen” since I have trouble sleeping at night being a nocturnal person.

    I, on the other hand, love soul music like John Legend’s songs or musical sounds played by Kenny G. Music is the language of our souls and when we cannot express our feelings through words, we release it through the music we listen and play.

  • Catchy songs. It’s good for exercise music. Like Zumba dancing. It really pumps your body to move. I’ll try to suggest it to my friend who really loves Zumba.

  • I’ve just ended listening to Mind Rain. I’m not really into this but it would make a great game soundtrack, especially during a fast-paced action. The same with Nya. Shock reminds me of a cheap copy of Spice Girls 😀 Anyway, if you enjoy it, then it’s all good. Recently I’ve been listening to Breakestra. Great for chilling out or party.

  • I can’t imagine life without music. The type of music I listen to depends on my mood. One of my favorites though is alternative rock because I found heavy metal too loud. It just doesn’t suit a petite woman like me I guess. I don’t have much exposure to different music around the world unlike you. It’s a good thing that you get to appreciate those, Normally, the ones I get to listen to are those which got to the mainstream like Korean pop which is a current craze in our country.

  • I’m a fan of music but I’m not familiar with the artist that you post. I made some research about them and I got a Liking to Shock – Dă Muzica Mai Tare, they’re cute. The other girl is like britney lol.

  • I love listening to the different of sound music from the soundtracks of Disney movie ( cartoons ), pop, jazz, ballads, especially played on piano. It lifts my spirit high. I’m always a big fan of Air Supply, Caren Carpenter, Kenny Roger. I appreciate the the music of Ed Sheeran enttled Photograph and Perfect to name a few. Recently, I love the song “Tagpuan” of Moira Dela Torre.I love her voice. I appreciate your choice of music. I enjoyed listening to it. Keep up the good work and always share the love for music.

  • Catchy songs. It’s good for exercise music. Like Zumba dancing. It really pumps your body to move. I’ll try to suggest it to my friend who really loves Zumba.
    But I always prefer music with good lessons.

  • Hello! Thanks for sharing your music. I love to visit blogs and see what people around the globe are listening right now. Sometimes I find very good music. Fallen was the case.I am in love with piano. It’s my favourite sound. great album!

  • Listening music is one of my hobbies. Soft songs made me sleep.

  • Nowadays, I’ve been listening to music that are more inclined to inspirational genre.
    Since these kind of music helps me to get motivated and encourages me to keep moving forward. I believe that songs are meant to uplift us, they convey what we truly feel inside.
    Songs that are inspirational makes you feel that you have the power to make the change in your life.

  • I didn’t know who is the musician But I want to lister his song, what the title of his popular song?

  • Hi! I’m new here and I’m glad that I found your blog! I love your taste in music. Just when I’m about to explode from all the stress and hassle of work; listening to your chosen artists are like my medicine.

  • Music for me is a temporary escape from the loud ear noise of reality. I currently listen to these two songs on repeat right now: History and Midsummer Madness, both by 88rising. It just has this relaxed chill upbeat positive vibe that I dig.
    I also just recently got into Eurobeat. It is a genre of electronic dance music in Europe. It’s a dying genre but it has produced many good tracks in its peak in the 90s. I recommend:
    Killing My Love by Leslie Parish
    Golden Age by Max Coveri
    I Need Your Love by Dave Simon
    I listen to them when I’m driving or playing driving games.

  • The three albums are available on Spotify. I’ve checked them out recently. I was particularly fond of Fallen. It’s a nice addition to what I listen to before I sleep. Check out Marconi Union – Weightless, it has the same ambient vibe.

  • I love listening to music especially classic ones.Currently i am listening to Electro Dance Music.My favorite artists are Marshmello and Dimitri Vegas.Regarding to your taste of music,i am going to look up those albums online.Hope they are good,i might add that genre to my list.

  • To honest. I never knew this guys. Im a little bit metal and rock music enthusiast. And this are too old for me. I wanna extend my knowledge about this. I’m going to listen on their songs. I hope their genre works for me.

  • Interesting list. Many fo these songs and groups I have never heard of before but will give them a look.

    I like broadening my horizons and learning abut different things.

    Thanks for this list. Hope I can vibe with some fo these songs.

  • This is a very interesting set of albums, from upbeat to the more subtle style of “fallen”. Before writing this comment I had to get at least a listen of each, and I would say that they’re pretty nice but also very mood dependent. My personal selection for these last few months is act 1 to 5 by the dear hunter.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      August 19, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      Hi Yas, thanks for taking an interest. I’ve heard good things about Dear Hunter, I’ll have to listen to them soon.

  • The Romanian Shock group looks great and they are all beautiful. They kind of remind me of the group Tout Les Files. A trio of girls singer also.

  • The girl group seems nice and cute. Hope they will continue creating a lot of music. Good luck to you girls.

    • I believe on you that. They look superb and feels like they love what they are doing which is singing. More albums to them to create and sing.

  • That’s a good music!
    But for me I love listening to Bossa Nova (i think that’s how the genre is called) this includes artist like Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Stan Getz. They are all a lounge type singer style. Try listening to “Girl From Ipanema” and “So Nice”, they are both relaxing from Astrud Gilberto.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      August 19, 2018 at 2:33 pm

      Hi ronaleana,

      I’m listening to Astrud Gilberto now, I like it. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • You have a really good taste in music. I personally like the first one that you discussed. I’ve always been a fan of upbeat/dancey music and I grew up jamming to them. I am also into korean pop these days. I like how bright and flashy their concepts are. Not to mention, the melody and lyrics of the songs are commendable, too. But the classic groove will always be the MVP. I am a 90s baby and I grew up listening to boy groups like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and many more. Nothing still beats the original pop music. Old but gold.

  • Wow..I just listened to Taylor Deupree’s Fallen album and I really liked it. It’s the type of music that I would listen to when reading a book. I love piano music and I’m definitely adding this album to my playlist.. Honestly, I have never heard of this musician before until I read your post. Thanks a lot!..

  • Michael Wayne Rumble

    August 11, 2018 at 1:18 am

    I’m always wanting to hear music I have never heard before.

  • If you need a little break or want some relaxation of your soul, I recommend Taylor Deupree songs. I’m not familiar with the artist but when I tried listening to his piece, I found peace of mind that very moment and felt sadness. I really can’t explain why sadness, maybe because I got carried away by the song that reminds me of disappointments moments. But that was a long time ago. Credit to Elgiz, he/she is right, “It brings back so many memories”. And sometimes it’s great to reminisce even just a single moment.

  • Music is pleasant to the ears of a person if he/she knows how to appreciate one.

    For me, i don’t have a “common” favorite music or genre, as long as it is pleasing to my ears, i do listen to it. it is the music vibes whether a loud music or soft music, whether rock, funk, metal, mellow, chill or anything, as long as it is a good vibe and the rhythmic patterns are understandable and not so boring that I will end up changing that music.

    Reggae feels the great vibe.
    Rap, RNB dubs your step, move in, move out.
    Chill and ambient are soft imagination musics.
    Pop and alternatives that includes Pinoy/Filipino music also relaxes my mind.

  • I am a music lover and as soon as I saw that the article is about music, i immediately click! I have been looking for new song suggestions for my Humanities subjects and this article is really a big help. It is quite hard to look for music suggestion in search engines because it automatically direct you to mainstream music. Plus, I am also looking for music from different country and not just from US. I also tried searching for these songs and I listened to it. I agree on your review for Taylor D.’s Fallen. In fact I did slept well yesterday.

  • Who likes kpop here? Kpop is taking over now

  • Music has done so much for me. It is my way to relax and unwind because music has therapeutic effects on me.
    I love this article because of the nice suggestions that I dont usually find in mainstream media.Taylor Deupree – Fallen. I needed this kind of song because I have problems in sleeping.

  • Music has done so much for me. It is my way to relax and unwind because music has therapeutic effects on me.
    I love this article because of the nice suggestions that I dont usually find in mainstream media.Taylor Deupree – Fallen. I needed this kind of song because I have problems in sleeping.
    I like the other selections because I am being introduced to newer artists. And it is always to support independent ones.

  • It is very true that music is therapeutic. It is good to listen to and it can bring fond, sad and happy memories. Music has been known to heal too.

  • Most of my music are jazz and that’s what makes my day everyday. Whenever I’m not in a mood, I make sure to play my jazz playlist to make sure i finished my chores. Its always with the sax that i love the most whether its instrumental or with an artist.
    Jazz music really makes me relax.

  • Appreciation of music depends on the listener any type of music are being appreciated by different people. As I read your content it is obvious that you love listening to dance music and instrumental type I’am also a fan of this genre of music, but I also love listening to Soul RnB and some slow rock. It depends on the individual’s mood. Music can heal our sorrows and helps us reflect in our deepest emotion.

  • I listen to the music you where listening and its pure beats and instrumental. Its OK but i would recommend you to listen with some Filipino artist like morisset they sing international songs with really good singing skills.

  • It is nice to see a current recommendation of songs. I am somewhat getting tired of the mainstream music industry where the independent artist doesn’t make to the top. The list for quality music is getting slimmer and slimmer by the day. I search for your music recommendations, and I really like Fallen by Taylor Deupree. I totally agree with you when you said that it has a very relaxing vibe. Lately, I have problems getting sleep and I find this song quite effective for me.

  • Since I am not familiar with the artists and the album, I intentionally obliged myself to spend enough time and listen on them. I happen to bump into a site which provided a profound background about the album. (For those who are interested, this is the link https://www.popmatters.com/martyn-voids-album-review-2583297871.html).

    While reading through the content, I played track # 1 “Voids One.” Moving along the content, the track seemingly justified its weight – suggestive of the title itself “void.” Personally, it is a heavy piece of art taking you into a world of struggling nothingness. Sort of an imagery of a blank space yet something is on it that you just can’t have a grasp on. This get’s weirder as I was playing each track through. Each track is techno-musically reflective of each title. Take for example Track 5 “Why” is truly a ‘searching for answer” music. This is the first time that I am able to appreciate techno music. Its is truly a work of art.

    Taylor Deupree’s Fallen album is a very reflective and meditative music. I do agree that it is a good sleeping sound and I might try to play it at sleeping time for my kids. As for Shock – Hai da muzica mai tare, is a little bit upbeat. Good music during travel time. I can imagine playing it on a trip in a bus.

    Overall, it was equally interesting. More so, as I have said, the first album did took me to a certain degree appreciating techno-music.

    • Yeah I was thinking that this album is nonsense but when I started listening to it feels like this album is one of the greatest album I have heard.

  • Music is life! I can’t do without listening to songs everyday, either while driving or when i am indoors. My kind of music cuts across different genres and it is so easy for me to fall in love with a good song. There are songs for different situations. Taylor Deupree has some of the songs that I listen to when I try to meditate or fall asleep. It also inspires me and helps me to unwind especially after a long day. I can never ever get tired of listening to beautiful songs like this.

  • It is really good

  • It’s really interesting listening to some unfamiliar artists. I love discovering new ones, and not just settle in what’s playing off the mainstream radio. I gave all of your recommendations a listen and I loved the Taylor Deupree Fallen album. It’s perfect to listen to in the morning while drinking a hot cup of coffee and contemplating about life. Haha! It’s very relaxing. Also good to listen to before going to sleep. Thanks for this!

    Try listening to Tom Misch’s newest album, Movie if you haven’t. He’s my current favorite artist. His musical style is sort of a mix of some jazz, electronics, and hip-hop. He has such a feel good vibe in all of his songs and beats. I just recently saw him live and he was amazing!
    Let me know what you think!

  • Nice collection of music. Its nice to discover this kind of music which is very good for the soul. I’ll have this selections as part of my playlist.

  • I love the Taylor Deupree – Fallen as I’m having a hard time sleeping lately. I used to listen to The Best Of Enya and I think I got an alternative now.
    Shock – Dă Muzica Mai Tare is really a kind of like Barbie Girl. And I don’t think it does matter who’s listening to it, but what gets into your soul and keeps you feel alive.

  • You have some great ambient music you’re listening to! Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer’s music will make you dream while you’re awake.

    This music is the kind of music I listen to when I am in the office. It makes me calm no matter how difficult my clients are. You should also try Aphex Twin and Marcus Fischer’s music, they have the same vibe as Taylor Deupree’s. I hope you’ll find time to listen to them, I’m sure you’ll like their music as you liked Taylor Deupree.

  • After reading this, I became curious of the list of your recommendations, when I played Fallen by Taylor Deupree, I was in awe that I mever thought I would need this in my life.

    From the very start, the combined sounds and music are starting to dig deep into my soul. While going through the whole album has completely taken my whole being that I want to just listen to it all day and leave everything behind. It is so beautiful and relaxing. Some part remind me of a game that I played in my teenage years.

    I would definitely recommend it to my friends and use it in my class during reflection periods.

  • This is a good mix of music! How do you listen to it? Do you use headphones or speakers?

    I find myself loving to listen to music like this on speakers, but with neighbors in my apartment, I always end up listening on headphones anyways.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      October 15, 2018 at 1:31 am

      Hi Poly, I usually listen on headphones but sometimes on my TV, I have a reasonably good CD player but it doesn’t get too much use, but I don’t have anything much that is very high quality audio equipment. What about you?

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