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Complexes Which Deplete Your Happiness: Tips for Dealing with Them

Complexes Which Deplete Your Happiness: How to Overcome Them?

It is not a secret that the major part of people suffers from the variety of complexes which make their life awful and sad. Sure, no one wants to feel nervous while communicating with others or be too shy to ask a stranger about the time or your location. Almost all young people, especially teenagers dream about becoming confident and easy-going. They wish to get rid of their complex of inferiority and estimate their own talents and skills correctly. However, not everyone can cope with it on his own. A big part of young people demands specific help of a professional psychologist. On the other hand, some of them have to live with these complexes for the whole life and feel this pressure almost every moment. Thus, it is essential to understand when you have them and how to overcome this issue quickly without urging yourself for doing anything. There are lots of pleasant and efficient ways of coping with complexes. Nevertheless, you have to know that the faster you start treating them, the better results you will get.

Reasons Why They Appear

There is no wonder why the majority is interested why complexes appear as almost everyone suffers from them. Being acknowledged of the things which cause these unpleasant issues lets you protect yourself. It is much better to prevent problems than solve them later. When does an inferiority complex appear? It was proved that in the most cases people gain it in childhood. That is the period when complexes may be prevented. Thus, it is essential not only to memorize situations when they may appear but also try to fight them off in the very beginning.

Parents’ Attitude

Sometimes the main reason for inferiority complex is wrong parents’ attitude to their kids. They set too high expectations and requirements for young people who usually cannot deal with all instructions or have different life goals. As a result, adults try to urge children to realize their dreams and wishes without taking into account their own opinion. On the other hand, parents may simply not educate their children correctly and never teach them how to cope with criticism or anger. Thus, young people feel unprotected outside their home and are very sensitive to all remarks even if they do not matter anything.

Constant Criticizing

It is true that all of us have to encounter criticizing every day. The majority does not know how to deal with it and get only benefits from others’ remarks. Sometimes critics are really too strict and have no mercy on a young person. Hence, he or she starts feeling unconfident and undervalue their own abilities and talents. Unfortunately, it often happens with talented teenagers who refuse from creative activities after the first failures.

Relationships with Fellows

In some cases, the reasons for inferiority complex are bad relationships with fellows which are based on disrespectful and rude attitude. As a result, a teenager suffers from violent jokes and pranks which are often related to their appearance, skills or talents. Even if some of them seem are fun and enjoyable, these are also the cause of becoming a shy, unconfident and enclosed person. It happens with the majority of students during school years. However, only small part of them can cope with these jokes and make fun of them as well.

How to Deal with the Typical Complexes?

Sure, being aware of the typical complexes and ways of their appearing is important for prevention of such situations and protecting yourself from them. However, it does not work if a young person has already gained some of them. Thus, several effective methods are necessary for overcoming these issues quickly.

Find the Cause

The first and most important thing is indicating the main causes of your complex. Without this, you will not be able to fight it off. Usually, it is related to your childhood moral traumas and unpleasant events. Maybe, your classmate laughed at you all the time, and you were afraid of going to school at all. Sure, it is very upsetting to be criticized by rude fellows. Thus, you have to be attentive to every single event in your past.

Do Not Look at Others

Sometimes the reason why a young person cannot overcome an inferiority complex is that he or she pays too much attention to other people and their opinion. Hence, this teenager does not estimate his own skills and achievements correctly. There is no wonder that he became rather jealous than self-confident and successful. Sure, first of all, you have to learn how to estimate both your appearance and abilities. This is the key to getting rid of inferiority complex and living a full life.

Indicate Your Positive Qualities

It is very important to indicate your positive features, unique talents and skills which others do not have. It will help you to understand that you can also create something wonderful, reach success in a certain field and live a full life. Moreover, it will show you that there is no one who is superior to you and you will get rid of undervaluing yourself. It is a pretty good idea to put these positive features and talents on a paper and look at them every time you have doubts about your skills and achievements.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Somebody

It is very important to avoid comparing yourself to someone else, even if all people around you appreciate him. Sure, this person may be better than you in a certain field thanks to his skills and talents. However, you are superior in something as well. Keep in mind the previous point as you have to appreciate yourself first of all. Only after this, you will be praised by others. Hence, you have to learn how to get rid of jealousy and love yourself. You cannot be perfect in all spheres and there is nothing to do with it.

Appreciate This World

Keep in mind that the key to success and being free from complexes is developing a positive attitude to the world. You should stop talking negative things and make your mind clear from irritating and depressing thoughts. Try to understand that nothing is perfect and it is better to estimate every moment instead of being worried because of small things. Human makes mistakes and encounters failures. The main point is that you have to be able to comprehend their real reasons and not blame yourself and undervalue your abilities.

Communicate with Positive People

It is not a big secret that people around us influence our mood and can make us happy or very upset. Very often they become the reason for our complexes. Thus, it is essential to cut down communicating with angry or rude fellows who laugh at you and cause stress and depression. It is much better to talk to calm and positive people who can support you and help you to understand your own achievements and their value. Do not be afraid to change your friends if you see that they are false and simply try to deplete your good mood.

Meet Your Fears

Sure, the best way to get rid of a certain complex is encountering your fears face to face. For example, in case you are afraid of performing on the scene, you should fight off this and try your talents in from of the big audience. It is a good chance to show your dancing, singing or other skills. The main point is overcoming disturbance and urging yourself to come on the scene. Who knows, maybe, it will change your whole life for better. Many famous people were shy before trying to perform for the public.

Do Not Set High Expectations

Life often surprises us and we get something which we have not expected. It may be pleasant things or not. However, you should keep in mind that setting too high expectations usually leads to disappointment and failures in life. You cannot predict everything and a small detail may ruin all your plans. Thus, it is better to hope for the best and expect the worst. In such a case, you will be ready to challenges. It is a common thing when people suffer from complexes because they have not reached some goals. As a rule, it happens as they have expected to get too much for a short period of time.

Which Are Consequences of the Inferiority Complex?

Sure, lots of things were mentioned about this issue. However, many people do not realize that they have such a problem and have already met its consequences in their life. It is significant to know this information. The faster you recognize these signs, the more effective strategy of fighting them off you can develop.

Bad Marks at School

It is true that complexes make you afraid of public performances. As a result, it is hard not only to come on the scene but simple to make a report in the class. You feel confused and disturbed during this process and cannot present your research perfectly even if you have made it of the best quality. Sure, it becomes the reason for bad grades. In addition, students with the inferiority complex rarely take part in discussions or answer teacher’s questions even if they know a correct variant.

It Is Hard to Build Relationships

For young people with complexes, it may be truly difficult to build any close relationships with others. They are usually too shy to deal with this and prefer to communicate only with several fellows. As a result, socializing becomes a complicated process for the majority of them. However, it is very important to be able to set a contact with people in case you want to get a good job, promotion or simply be appreciated by others.

All in all, thousands of young people are suffering from the inferiority complex nowadays. Sure, it is not an easy task to get rid of. However, it is possible thanks to several easy but beneficial tips. The main point is that you should not think that it is normal. Complexes cause lots of unpleasant consequences in the young people’s life, they become shy and enclosed. The majority cannot live a full life because of this. Hence, it is better to prevent these things and stay a happy and successful person.

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