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Music post #6: Review of Gamlor’s Atemlos Durch mix on Soundcloud

Let me state right from the start that I do not know Gamlor, I have never met him, and I have never had an online conversation with him.

Artwork nabbed from soundcloud website, no copyright infringement intended!

That being said, I have adored Gamlor’s mixes for many years now.

Gamlor started off in the late 00’s creating “moombahton” mixes and putting them online.  Moombahton was a weird, danceable genre of modern music, that is probably highly related to Jamaican music.  But more recently Gamlor seems to be taking a lot more inspiration from pop and chart hits.

But don’t run away screaming just yet – every track that Gamlor includes is a carefully selected mix of a well-known song, that adds plenty of variety so as not to be boring.  The good thing about using chart hits, is that everybody can listen and recognise the music, but at the same time the mixes are interesting enough that the listener is not bored to tears.

So, right now I am 31 minutes deep into a Gamlor mix released one year ago, at the time of writing (it was released in 2014).  I have recognised about half of the tracks on the mix so far, including the future classic, “what does the fox say”.  Again, don’t be bored just by reading that!  Gamlor makes the remix interesting.

There are one or two German language songs as well.  It is a bit of a turnoff when you can’t understand the lyrics of a song, but on the other hand, when you listen to foreign pop songs, you might hear something great that you have never heard on the radio in your own country.

So here is the link to the mix on Gamlor’s Soundcloud page.  All free and ready to listen to immediately.  Just click on the play button.

I’ll be honest it’s a mixed bag.  It’s not the best mix ever, but it’s pretty good in places.  At 33 minutes, a Rihanna song comes on, and once again it is clear what an amazing talent Rihanna is.  It then segues into a foreign language Europop tune, in a language I can’t identify, which then suddenly reveals itself with a traditional grating, distorted, noisy lick as seems to be the fashion nowadays amongst young musicians.  Why take a perfectly good song and put something that sounds like a car alarms over the top?  But nonetheless, it gets me bopping my head.

And that’s what Gamlor is all about.  Get grooving.  Plain and simple.  If you can listen to this whole mix without tapping your feet, I’ll give you a million Euros.*

* Disclaimer:  Euros provided will be imaginary.

This mix is fantastic!  I love it.  40 minutes in now.  I’m going to listen for a while, and play on Top Eleven soccer manager.


I can definitely hear the German influence on some of these songs.  I can imagine a DJ in lederhosen standing on a mountain somewhere, spinning platters of wax and eating platters of schnitzel.


48 minutes and it’s gone a bit aggressive, with a female being angry in a foreign language.  Not my type of song, I like happy nice stuff.  Also, the American accent seems like it might be a little bit completely fake.

And also, for goodness’ sake, please stop the car alarm noises on these modern songs!  If I want to be tortured, I’ll watch back to back episodes of Antiques Roadshow.

As a side note, David Dickinson is probably really confused as to why his shows are so popular.  As long as he gets paid, he will quite happily jump around being enthusiastic about tat worth £5-£20.  As if he has that rubbish in his house!  I’m sure he votes Tory and lives in a manor house in the Scottish Highlands.  Still, he can write off the illegal stimulant drugs on his tax return.


55 minutes and it all goes a bit dreamy, then turns into a 1970s sitcom soundtrack.  Then the beat is dropped but it remains very disco.  Sounds like Japanese music though.  They love their jazz, the Japanese, inexplicably.  Personally, I like the “nu-jazz” fusion of hip hop and jazz, but I don’t understand the Japanese blend of inane jazzy light electro house.  Nope, I don’t understand it.

Then at 59 minutes the foreign-language pop continues afresh, with a catchy chorus:

“can you come back home, come back home, splargle blargle blargle”.



I’ve had enough.  I need to bleach my ears.

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  • I had never heard before of Moombahton before, it sounds like an experimental kind of reggaeton, i actually liked it. Gamlor seems like an interesting artist but this mix is too weird for my taste, at least it made for a fun reading.

  • Hannah Rueras Guinaowa

    August 21, 2018 at 7:58 am

    “If you can listen to this whole mix without tapping your feet, I’ll give you a million Euros.* I think I wouldn’t be able to get those Euros since I am also into Mixes although not of Gamlor but our local artists in the city so I will definitely tap my feet even for 5 seconds from listening. What got my attention is how Gamlor mixes familiar tunes so probably some of my favorite music are in his portfolio of mixes. I’m clicking on the highlighted Gamlor’s Souncloud Page to listen now.

  • I don’t know the artist but i love his mixes.I wanna dance. It keeps me alive and alert. Interesting mix of music. I love the beat. There’s so much energy. It rocks.

  • I have no idea about this music and the singer as well but I was intrigue to listen it and I love it.

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