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Music post #6: Review of Gamlor’s Atemlos Durch mix on Soundcloud

Let me state right from the start that I do not know Gamlor, I have never met him, and I have never had an online conversation with him. That being said, I have adored Gamlor’s mixes for many years now. Gamlor started off in the late 00’s creating “moombahton” mixes and putting them online.  Moombahton

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Are soap operas a waste of time?

  Soap operas, love them or hate them, are an important part of the lives of millions, if not billions of people.  Every country has at least one or two to call their own.  America has Days Of Our Lives, New Zealand has Shortland Street, Afghanistan has the popular radio show, ‘New Home, New Life.’ A

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Should men put the toilet seat down? An analysis

Should men put the toilet seat down?  It’s a horrible question that we have all struggled with, in our families and relationships.  Here are some points to consider:   For women, and men too, there is a risk of sitting down upon the cold, damp, seat-less toilet, if the seat is left up and they

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