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Guest Interview #1: My friend and author Eel Six talks about his book

Last year a friend of mine based in Wales took time off work to write a fiction book, and spent many months working full time writing.  I emailed him some questions about his book, and I post the results below to help promote his book.  I hope that this interview is interesting to people.

Hello Eel.  Can you give an introduction to yourself, who you are, where you’re coming from?
Yes, I can, except perhaps for my true identity. But before I begin I want to say that’s a great question – about identity and where I’m coming from. In truth I’ve always found identity a bit of a difficult concept. It’s like everyone expects everyone to have one. But if we were the only person on Earth then what would our identity be. In that situation we could be whoever the hell we wanted to be. If I started calling myself David Bowie or walked into a palace then nobody would stop me. If I was alone on Earth then I could have whatever the heck I wanted written on my passport – my identity would literally be unlimited. And yet this is not the real world. But fortunately for me when I write I do not let my identity, (what other people may expect of me), to stop me from inhabiting whatever characters interest me. So, I write with freedom to be anyone of my choosing from control freaks to people who’ve lost their marbles. And yet I feel that my freedom also grounds me in a sense of reality – for I also freely seek the common ground of shared experiences. And a book can really illuminate such things in new, exciting, and perhaps even dangerous ways.
What is this book/ these books? Are they fiction?
Yes, my book is probably fiction – but also related to real events that I’ve witnessed and heard about – plus perhaps things that I’ve mixed-up in my imagination.
My book’s available as a 1-volume paperback or as a 3-volume kindle version.
Why would a reader of this blog want to read this book?
To entertain themselves. To engage with something that lasts longer than a film. Because a good book can provide the backdrop to a whole season or chapter of one’s life. It’s about reading quality – (I’ve never believed in quantity) – for me it’s always totally about the highest possible quality. To enjoy new experiences. To escape into the characters. To read an interesting book that’s both modern and relevant. To discover something that’s partly based on real events.
Why did you write it?
Because I was fuckin’ screwed over by myself and other people. This book was like – hey, I’ve not been using my true talents before now. This project was like, enough crap – enough of trying to please other people. This was like – this is for fuckin’ me – to try and write something truly exceptional.
And doing it purely for me was so that it could be not for me at all. And nor was this book for any publisher. And it wasn’t for my friends or family. And neither was it for you either. In fact it was probably mostly because I needed to write down the tape of memories that’s been regularly recording the characters first-person perspectives.
Because I had no-one to answer to then I was free to write this book for the world. I was free to offend people. I was free to tell my version of the truth. I was free to draw on the best influences. I was free to live and breathe it totally.
Are there any 18+ scenes?
Yes, there are a few scenes that are probably 18+. However books don’t actually have a Board of Classification like films. So books can in fact explore more sexual issues than films. However, that aside – for me a good book must have a really gripping plot and great characters. If that’s the case then I don’t mind if there are also some 18+ scenes – they happen also in real life don’t they?
Where can a reader of this blog buy this book?
On Amazon at –
(For the 3 kindle volumes (I, II & III) please click “See all 4 formats and editions” and then click the little triangle next to “Kindle Edition”).
[Or if you don’t mind waiting for the book to arrive from America then it’s available for $8.98 plus Postage-&-Packing – https://www.createspace.com/5318728 ]
And thank you for allowing me to discuss my creative work through this interview.


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  • Your friend seems like quite the character. Is the book similar in writing style? That may just get me to pick it up. I also love his comment about the 18+ scenes… isn’t life just a giant uncensored scene that we cannot see?

  • Will defiantly be checking into this book mainly because of the authors personality, he seems like such an interesting and colorful character.

  • “enough of trying to please other people”. I felt in love with this phrase. I am so happy for your friend and for his success. Not many people are trying to reach the top. Also, I want to say that he should feel very lucky because he has a so refined talent. Can’t wait to buy the book.

  • Writing a book, having it published either as a soft or hard copy is already a feat in life. It’s not an easy task to accomplish hence I honestly think that your friend is quite brilliant to make use of his time wisely. I will definitely be checking his book and add it up to my shelves to read. He’s got a unique personality and an air of mystery in him which makes reading the book more attractive.

  • An interesting way to introduce and publicize a book, By the end of the interview we still do not know what the book is about and so have to click on the link to find out. I know how hard it is to finish one because I just did the same thing myself. Wales is a brilliant place to sit and write as it is so beautiful. The writer had the right idea by freeing himself of all expectations of what anyone would want or expect him to write and loosed the book inside him.

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