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Video game post #2 – Final Fight One (Game Boy Advance)

2001 version of the classic early-90s Megadrive game.

The Game Boy Advance is a good choice for gamers who have limited funds, and gamers who appreciate retro gaming.  GBA games can be played on older Nintendo DS’s too.

Final Fight One is the handheld entry in the classic series of left-to-right, multiple enemy beat ’em ups.  Many will remember the original Sega Megadrive edition, along with the very similar game series: Streets of Rage.

Unfortunately the gameplay doesn’t hold up well in modern times.  It does have a Game Link option if you have two GBA’s and a friend, however I think you need 2 cartridges and the Game Link cable.  This type of game is highly suited for multiplayer co-op so this might be great fun.

Final Fight One can be picked up from eBay for about £4 and it’s a pleasant item to have in your collection.  The graphics are not superb but the gameplay is not too bad.  It will pass the time for 5 or 10 minutes, it’s not a deep game, but it’s pretty cool.

Final Fight One_03 Final Fight One_05

There are three characters to choose from.

There are three characters to choose from.

Final Fight One_13 Final Fight One_02

The game has fairly long cutscenes but they can be skipped.

The game has fairly long cutscenes but they can be skipped.

Final Fight One_01

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  • Cool, I use to play this game all of the time! Final Fight is one of my old favorites, brings back so many memories. I would love to play it again for old time sake.

  • This game reminds of of another one called ‘Streets of Rage’ that I played on the Sega Genesis eons ago. The game is a beat-them-up just like ‘Double Dragon’. Your mission is to walk the streets beating up enemies with punches and kicks. The controls were spot-on and the music was near perfect.


  • Wow, this makes me feel nostalgic. Kind of old but still a relevant game.

  • this reminds me of another game i used to play cant remember the name of it but it was super cool!!!

  • That’s awesome! I have been looking for a game to kill some time with and this sounds perfect!

  • That is so cool. It is also made by capcom? They were a nitendo top dog back in those days! Specially in games like this one, beat ’em up, couch pvp, action, ect. This form of video game is timeless. I thought they were limited to nes, n64, and consoles like that? Obviously not :D. I am going to pick up this title next time I have a bit of scratch. I look forward to reading more 🙂 .

  • One of the go-to beat up games I play, when I’m in the mood, as well as Fatal Fury.

  • I think the smartest idea Nintendo ever did was to start re-releasing games for GBA. I still break mine out now and again to actually play this specific game.

  • Final Fight was a awesome game on the Sega/SNES, I actually used to play it the most in the Arcade. Back during the 90s this game was pretty hype though, it was definitely a good time killer.

  • I remember this game. It was an awesome game that I used to play whenever I was bored and/or I just got home from school. Brings back memories.

  • Oh, Final Fight, that was a great game! I didn’t know that this was on the game boy advanced, I believe I played it on arcades and in sega megadrive. This reminds me other great games as golden axe or streets of rage.

  • I loved that game! I played it so much about ten or twelve years ago. It reminds me of the games that hooked on to the TV and were just a controller with the console thingy inside.

  • I have always enjoyed the animation style of the 90’s cardboard-cutout characters that I often played in my local arcade. At the moment, I am trying to collect as many games for a gaming room that is in production in my home. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so that I can add it to my Gameboy shelf.

  • This is game was addicting, and still is. Yep I still play with the good ole game boy. One of the classic consoles to play.

  • Ah nostalgia! I really need to get back into vintage games. This wasn’t my favorite but i’d love to try it again for old times sake!

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      February 24, 2015 at 8:46 am

      I’d be interested to know what your favourite was! It doesn’t get better than vintage games sometimes!

  • Ah!!!! What an addictive game it was back in my time. One of the best games ever made. Indeed games like these are the foundation of modern gaming.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      March 10, 2015 at 2:51 am

      Those were the days! I have no idea what kids these days play, apart from Call Of Duty, which I played once and it was a good game. Funny story (well slightly funny) I was at a sleepover sort of thing, and the speakers were connected to a room where some people were sleeping at about 4am, and I played it and I must have annoyed the heck out of those guys when they were woken up by the sound of me attacking world war 2 soldiers with my guns! Thanks for your comment.

  • This reminds me of double dragon! Really cool game, I think. I might get it on my emulator.

  • I have played every single Final Fight game ever released on every platform, but no platform to me seems to beat the Sega version. As of lately I’ve downloaded the emulated Sega version on my PC from coolrom.com and its just not the same. Guess its time to break out the old Sega.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      March 13, 2015 at 2:25 am

      You can’t beat the old control pads! Thanks for commenting. *blows dust out of my cartridge*

  • Nice. I really never got into any games as much as I did with the ones from my childhood. I loved NES and still do via emulators. This seems like a great portable way for me to kill a little time on my commute to work each day. Thanks.

  • Always loved the classics. This one was my favorites when I was my child! I have a emulator set up on my PC so whenever I feel the urge to play something along the lines of retro, I boot it up and start enjoying some quality time! Your article just made me download this and play it!

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      June 23, 2015 at 8:35 pm

      Check out the new remake, called Streets Of Rage Remake, for modern systems (Mac/PC/Linux). I couldn’t get it working but it’s supposed to be good. Thanks for your comment!

  • The nostalgia is much… too…. strong…. here!!!! Why must you bring me back in time to the best years of my childhood? I was nearly settled into my life now, content with not being content. Instead, I stumble across this little gem of a memory and I’m reminded, once more, that we only live once. 😉

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      June 23, 2015 at 8:49 pm

      I’m glad that seeing the old game was such an uplifting thing for you! Thanks for your comment.

  • It’s so cool seeing how games were back in the day I used to play this game it’s so much fun I give this game 5-5 stars on my scale !

  • Oh, man! This game takes me back! I played Streets of Rage religiously as a child. My brother and I would play together and try to get as far as we could.

    Like you said, the gameplay does not hold up. I tried playing the original recently, and it did not have the same allure that it seemed to have when I was younger. Good to know that the newest incarnation is so cheap, and it holds up as a quick distraction.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      June 23, 2015 at 8:57 pm

      Well it’s always been a multiplayer arcade game, so better with friends and also good for a quick blast rather than a long period of playing, hasn’t it? It sucks when you go back to old things from the past and they aren’t as good as you remember. Thanks very much for your comment!

  • The beat-em-up genre is one of my absolute favorites to play. If you liked this game, Turtles in Time and Streets of Rage are really good retro games in a similar style to check out. The Scott Pilgrim game is also fantastic.

    I do agree with your comment about them not aging well, however. Modern versions of beat-em-ups (other than Scott Pilgrim) just don’t bode well. That, and this game is technologically inferior to Streets of Rage and Golden Axe.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      September 10, 2015 at 2:19 am

      I will have to look into the Scott Pilgrim game. Multiplayer co-op beat-em-ups were a highlight of a 1990s childhood. Perhaps modern multiplayer games have surpassed those old games.

      I’ve never seen the appeal of Golden Axe, but I never played it back in the olden days. Coming to a retro game in 2015 is not great unless you’ve played it when it was originally released. I played Streets of Rage ages ago, and I think it’s really cool. Thanks for your comment !

  • I own PSP, and yet instead of playing games made for it, I keep missing classics… GBA was an awesome handheld console. I have many fond memories of playing Golden Sun, Pokemon and Zelda. For some reason, never tried Final Flight or any other fighting game, even though I love them. Thanks for recommending this gem, it’s gonna be nice to kick some buts while commuting to university!

  • Woah, I remember this game and I used to play it on my MP5 since then but now my MP5 is broken and I can’t play it now. But I recall how that game works and it really looks street fighter but not a tougher one. The controls are a bit funny but also enjoyable. That game with Kirby is the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played.

  • I’m a big beat-em-up fan and grew up playing games like Final Fight on the SNES and Streets of Rage on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. I never got this port of Final Fight One, but i’m interested in picking it up now. I know there are a lot of bad ports of this game around for various consoles but I don’t care. I love all types of ports, good or bad, of some of my favorite classic beat-em-ups.

  • Game boy is the most popular game way back before. I am glad its back again. Cant wait to play it now.

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