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Music post #3 – A lovely, weird song

valtariSigur Ros produced a lovely, catchy song in their traditional bucolic style and here, I discuss it whilst listening to it.

As you can see, the particular song in question was featured in the movie, Vanilla Sky (not a bad movie by the way), so some of my small number of readers may already be familiar with the song.  I encourage you to listen to it, it’s absolutely a frissonic, addictive chord progression with tasty vocals.

I just love the way the song progresses.  I hope someone does a trance version one day; maybe there already is a trance version lurking in cyberspace somewhere.  As it stands, it is testament to the artistic power of being from Iceland, where there is money to buy sound-producing equipment, and plenty of bad weather to shelter from, spending time on your musical bits and bobs.

As I sit here, in my parents’ house, I have just deleted my previous blog post.  I knew, as I was writing it, that I would later delete it in embarrassment.  It was extremely self-indulgent, the result of my brain experiencing extreme low levels of serotonin as the hour passed from night time to morning time.  I want my blog to resemble professionalism at at least the very basic levels, and there was no place in my blog for such self-pitying, heart-on-sleeve rubbish.  So good riddance to my last blog post.  Here is a nice music post instead.

Of course, I do not understand Icelandic, so I don’t understand what this song is about in the slightest, but it sounds quite melancholy and passionate.  Maybe the singer is singing about something as mundane as a bad romance; maybe it is on a more profound subject, such as the passing of time and the loss of the innocence of youth.

Here is another version of the song, which I also like:

It is quite badly recorded, but the distortion and noise might just actually add something.  It somehow seems a little more powerful and head-mashing than the original.

I need the toilet right now, but I will continue to type and listen for a little while yet.

My head and feet are nodding to the beat, that groovy, slow beat, with bass drums distorted into the higher registers; I feel like I’m being hypnotised, but I don’t know what effect the hypnotists are having on me.  I could probably listen to this for the rest of my life, it feels like.  A nice little hidey-hole, away from the world, away from problems and issues, just listening to the nursery-rhyme-esque melody and trippy funk drums in syrup-slow-mo.

Welcome to a space, the space where you can be alone, the space where you can relax, the space only you understand.

I think the only thing I can do now, is go to the toilet, and then listen to my list of youtube favourite tracks.  Tah-tar.

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  • Well, I didn’t know what I expected when I started reading your blog. The title of it is intriguing: Ordinary English Men. Is there more than one person posting? But I’m pleasantly surprised to find myself introduced to a contemplative and meditative song …I’m listening to it right now.

    I’m curious to know what the previous post you speak so critically of was about. It sounds like you’re going through something. Music is healing in so many ways, and it sounds like you’re using it as therapy. Whatever is wrong, I hope it won’t get you too down!

    • The title is from my previous blog, Ordinary Englishman, but I was hoping to get some of my friends posting as guests on this blog too. I haven’t managed to get anyone else to write posts for me yet though.

      I often get a little bit down late at night and have a rant on my blog or facebook, but I feel ashamed about what I have written the next day and I delete it. If I remember correctly, that particular post that I had written but deleted afterwards, it was a rant about the mental health system – I have mental health issues. But I deleted it because it was embarrassing, and it wasn’t really professional in any way, and I want this blog to have some resemblance of a decent site.

      Thank you very much for your comments and I hope you are well.

  • I’ve noticed an influx of Icelandic music being released. Of Monsters & Men being the most notable. I stumbled upon a crazy band from Scandinavia, called Wintergatan, that reminds me of Sigur and a few others, but in a more circus like way. I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy this blog. Thanks for posting about music!

  • Ooooh, nice song right there. I think I’ve heard it before, it feels almost nostalgic…
    But whatever. This blog also needs some more content, however I can see that it is new and I must give it time. Anyways, love your work, keep it up 🙂

  • Wow. This song. Wow. It really and truly moved my spirit. I have no clue what the vocalist is saying, but I know i don’t want them to stop singing. The music is so soft that I could now help myself from closing my eyes and seeing beautiful images of peace and love. To be honest, you described this song so elegantly and dead on that I am curious if you are the actual person that I am listening to.

  • Was searching for some music on Google and found this. Great song and great blog! Loved the write-up about the song as well, you really know your stuff, can’t wait to see what other music you post :).

  • This song is depressing , music is life but you have to be very careful of the type you listen to . I am getting a message of depression from this song.

  • I have no idea what the artist is saying but its a powerful song. A bit melancholy, it has me thinking about some past events. This just goes to show the power of music and its ability to transcend all barriers of the world.

  • I’ve been a big fan of Sigur Ros ever since I first heard them… I don’t think you really need to know what they are saying, I almost feel like it would ruin it for me.

    The funny thing is sometimes they aren’t even singing Icelandic…they have their own language gobbldigook that they sing in as well.

  • Oh god, thanks for that song up there. It just makes me so calm while listening to it. Brings me peace to my mind. Great one.

  • I have never heard this before, but I did think it was rather nice. Really hated that movie tho. lol

  • The movie’s so-so but this song has a certain depth to it. Just my cup of tea (I love Indie tunes).

  • very nice dont not usally acustom to this kind of music but its actually quite nice

  • I’ve never seen Vanilla Sky, so I thank you for posting this. I would have never found it otherwise. I liked the distortion that the second version of the song added. In the beginning it was nice and, like you mentioned, had hypnotizing and calming effects. There were occasional points throughout it that I thought perhaps there was too much distortion. That it was sounding too much like a loud jumbled mess. However, I think it evened out towards the end and added a whole new arc to the song. Thank you for posting!

  • I have many, many opinions about Vanilla Sky, but the one thing it had going for it was the sound track. My personal favorite is when Cruise is running through the empty Times Square with the alway brilliant Talking Heads fading in was my favorite part of the whole movie.

    • Time Lord 731, not only do you have a fantastic name, but excellent taste in music as well. Indeed, Talking Heads is always brilliant.

  • A little depressing, puts you in a dark and interesting mood. Will check out more of them, sound pretty cool.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      March 10, 2015 at 2:53 am

      Dark music can be quite a spiritual experience. Personally I find overly-cheerful music is worse, if you’re not in the mood! Thanks for your comment, and I hope you enjoy what you find in your music hunting.

  • This song feels like waves on the ocean. I’ve never been to Iceland, but the imagery this music brings to mind is an expansive, bleak landscape, bare rock jutting from the earth, surrounded by an ocean cruel and hard, yet life giving.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      March 10, 2015 at 2:46 am

      I’ve never been to Iceland either but it seems like a beautiful country with a lot of amazing musicians! And all from a population of only 300,000! Thanks for your comment.

  • Though I have never traveled to Iceland, this song has a certain imagery about it displayed in the tune as well as the lyrics. This is a beautiful example of a dark song with a wistful meaning. Thank you for exposing me to it, it is definitely going into my playlist!

  • The music is quite good to hear it makes my mind calm and relax. You feel like that you are on a quite place and you need a peace of mind and listening with this music turns your world that you really want. It’s really nice song try to search other nice song like this.

  • The first version is very relaxing. Especially now since it’s raining as I’m listening to it. Now I’m curious about the movie Vanilla Sky!

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