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Video game review #1 – Super RC Pro Am for Gameboy

A cheap fun 10-minute game

Super RC Pro Am, or SRCPA for short, is a pretty good driving game for Game Boy, it can be found on ebay for £1-£3.  If you have a Game Boy, either an original one, or a Game Boy Color (sic) or Game Boy Advance, you can play it.  Not on Nintendo DS or 3DS though, I think.

It is fun to play and the controls are responsive and enjoyable.  It’s good for a quick 10 minutes, but probably not longer than that.

I think it can be played on an original black and white Game Boy, but on a colour Game Boy or GBA it does have colour.

Super R.C. Pro-Am Super R.C. Pro-Am_01 Super R.C. Pro-Am_02 Super R.C. Pro-Am Super R.C. Pro-Am_02

Statistics screen

Statistics screen

upgrade screen - doesn't have any interactivity though

upgrade screen – doesn’t have any interactivity though

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  • I rather enjoyed the original for NES so this looks pretty good, I might try it on an emulator first though. Actually the second one on the NES was awesome now that I thin about it.

  • Nice! I still have my Game Boy Advance, so I’ll be checking that out. Sounds like a good game to play on a short trolley ride through the city. Do you plan on doing more game reviews? I’ll look forward to them!

  • Cool game. Just a heads up some of the older DS can play gameboy advance and color games. The new ones are not as backwards compatible. Have you heard any news of the game making an appearance in the app store? If so, that would be great. I look forward to reading more of your game reviews. Cheers

  • Looks nice! The gameplay looks like a Micro Machines Gameboy Colour game and everything after the Gameboy Advance SP does not allow the playback of Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games. Also, does that screenshot say that it’s made by Rare? If so, then it must be a fun game. Rare are the geniuses behind N64 Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and even the Donkey Kong Country series. Despite that, they’re only making Kinect Sports games nowadays :/

    Looking forward for your other video game reviews!

  • Look’s pretty old-school, but then again, there’s nothing wrong with that. For that price I might even consider buying a copy (that is, if I can find my old gameboy color somewhere ;)).

  • I made some of my first money outside of pocket money renting out my Gameboy during school breaks and this was one of the games I had.
    It was this,Tetris,Mario, and Barts treehouse of horrors used to make me good money to,about 30p small break and 50p dinner break.I used to then take the money and buy cigarettes with it and sell them at school individually.very industrious me while I was at school lol.

    • wow you were a young entrepreneur 🙂
      How old were you? When I started reading your post I was picturing a really young kid so I was a bit startled when you mentioned cigarettes.

  • I remember playing this and really enjoying it as a kid.
    Looking at it now really makes me think how much we have progressed in videogames 🙂

  • This looks really cool. I love retro style games like this! strangely enough, retro games seem to be the most addictive, at least in my view! I actually remember this game from years ago, it’s cool to see a remake!

  • I used to absolutely love the original NES RC PRO AM when I was a kid. It had the pseudo 3D perspective vibe that was new to consoles at that time and it just felt so awesome back then. That said, this game looks considerably worse, though probably not bad for a handheld.

  • VoiceOfAuthority

    July 9, 2013 at 11:25 am

    I remember playing this on the original Gameboy many years ago. Used to spend hours on that thing despite only having three games: this, Super Mario Land, and of course Tetris. Must have been more patient in those days, or perhaps I just had more time on my hands as a kid.

  • Looks fun, I’m most likely getting it soon. I used to have it, and the upgrade screen I think was upgraded with something else… I forget what though. Anyways, I look forward to more reviews

  • I currently have a 3ds. It pains me because I love classic games such as these. Maybe this will motivate me to go buy an original game boy.

  • The simplicity of this game makes it so cool, game boy is where most of it started for the gaming industry. The EA game can be much complex and tricky . Game boy as done much to improve there system , but i think the original is the best yet . Surely brings back some vintage memories.

  • This game looks really cool. It makes me wish I would’ve never got rid of my game-boy. Usually some of the older games are the best and most enjoyable. I love how simple the game looks.

  • I don’t think I’ve heard of this game whatsoever. Not even in the Gameboy days. 🙁

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      January 3, 2015 at 2:16 am

      There’s too many games to have heard of them all! This one’s not particularly famous perhaps. I can’t keep up with the new games, I prefer old ones usually. Thanks for your comment.

  • That reminds me of Excitebike for some odd reason. I actually had this game for the longest time and yet I can’t find it now that I want to play it!

  • I’ve never played SUPER rc pro am, but I did play the original on the NES, the game was hard as hell.. from the sounds of the post however it doesn’t seem to hold up to the test of time. I remember throwing my controller one too many times playing that game because the AI was hella sketchy.

  • It’s kinda crazy to think I use to play this. Technology has made some many advancements in gameplay and graphics it’s astounding. Back in the day this game was one of the best games ever made, but today I can’t stand to play it. I guess everything has its end.

    • The Most Ordinary Man Ever

      March 13, 2015 at 2:28 am

      Well it doesn’t have the two playered element of Micro Machines of course. Modern videogames are not something I’m very familiar with. I prefer chess or something these days. I’m sorry it wasn’t as good as you remembered.

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