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Music post #2 – Listen, The Snow Is Falling review

Relaxing, interesting, peaceful 12″ vinyl record from Germany Klimek is Sebastian Meissner, who released this lovely music in the year 2005.  He has been fairly prolific in the electro-ambient world, releasing works for Mille Plateaux and Kompakt, two giants of the Teutonic scene which have probably suffered quite a lot since the near-demise of sales of

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Music blog post #1 – Yard: Through The Woods (a mix) review

Seventy-five minutes of music by artists I have heard of mixed by someone who I haven’t heard of I like to occasionally browse the online music magazine http://www.igloomag.com, which features very underground and modern electronic and avant-garde music.  I know that this is a little pretentious, as if I am saying I am better than

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Video game review #1 – Super RC Pro Am for Gameboy

A cheap fun 10-minute game Super RC Pro Am, or SRCPA for short, is a pretty good driving game for Game Boy, it can be found on ebay for £1-£3.  If you have a Game Boy, either an original one, or a Game Boy Color (sic) or Game Boy Advance, you can play it.  Not

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